About DBSBizz

Looking forward to inaugurate a long lasting relationship for your augmentation with our sincere services

Mr. Titus Samuel


Mr. G. Pon Raj

Managing Director

Mr. G. Pon Ravi


Mr. G. Pon Raghu


Mr. Annamalai Arumugam

Business Development Director

Our Mission

To provide excellent Business and Marketing Solutions to our clients

Our Vision

To connect and consult between our local & international clients to value add their business

Our Services

DBSBizz has multifaceted services in the sectors of Commodities Trading, Business Development, Joint ventures, and comprehensive aid in buying/selling a business with initial assistance in business setup. Our broad based service focuses on fine tuning the key products or services and to guide you in expenditures and profits.

DBSBizz provides Joint Venture among two business entities and assists you in Merger and Acquisition of companies.

DBSBizz strategizes on the authentic road map to success for the Business, business owner and company employees. At DBSBizz we evaluate company’s current circumstances and identify strategies for future growth. We focus on strengthening bonds with your existing clients as well as cultivating customers in other sectors of the consumer market. Our aim is to assist you by describing business goals and strategies, as well as to provide a blueprint of financing and marketing plans. We assess the current assets of the company as they relate to the maintenance and expansion of the business and its development, distribution, staffing, funding, and more.

At DBSBizz, we specialise in multidimensional professional services such as Buy and Sell products at an appreciable price. We have taken a step forward in building business leads with the broadvision in business start-up, marketing strategy development, brand marketing, client development and deal closing. As Business consultants, we are proficient in guiding the business owners in penetrating Business and marketing world to generate a great deal with your endeavours. DBSBizz involves at every stage to maximize the efforts by researching every aspect of your venture.

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