Copra Meal

Copra meal is a valuable feed for ruminants and can be used as a protein supplement for grass-fed animals, either alone or in combination with other protein sources.

Coconut Meal is 100% natural animal feed and has coco-nutty taste and sweet aroma, flakes in form and has white to light brown color. Coconut Meal has 10 - 15% coconut oil or fat content and considered high value animal feed. Coconut Meal is a by product during production of our virgin coconut oil, therefore it is edible and also good for human consumption because it is chemical free, afflatoxin free, benzopyrene free. Like the benefits of virgin coconut oil and coconut flour, Coconut Meals has more than 1 year shelf life stored at room temperature.


Coconut meal is used as fodder for horses, cattle, sheep, dear, chicken, turkey and pig. Coconut meal has high quality protein that can be used as animal fattening.

1 Coconut meal provides high nutrients and boost immune system of animals that can avoid using medicines

2 Coconut meal helps to provide highly value cow’s milk and meat and it is used in animals organic farming.

3 This high quality coconut meal contains <12% non structural carbohydrate (NSC) which makes this product well suited for feeding to all animals that are prone to ulcers, insulin resistance, colic, tying up, and acidosis Our coconut meal is very safe to human and animals which is afflatoxin free, benzopyrene free in compare to copra cakes.