Manganese Ore


* Manganese (Mn), is the 12th most abundant chemical element (At. No. 25, At. Wt. 54.9380)
* It is roughly similar to iron in its physical and chemical properties but is harder and more brittle.
* Mn metal was discovered by a Swedish Chemist J. Gahn in 1774.
* Commercially exploitable deposits of manganese occur both on the continent and on the floors of present day marine and lacustrine basins. Manganese ores are primarily produced by Australia, south Africa, China, Gabon and Brazil.
* Most of the manganese produced is used in the form of Ferro manganese and silicomanganese alloys for iron and steel manufacture.


*The Manganese ores of high purity is used in making Dry cell Batteries and chemicals
*Mn ore is an important raw material in iron and steel metallurgy
*The Sulphide of Manganese is used in manufacture of salts. Manganese salts are also used in photography, and in leather & match industries.
*Manganese-chloride is used in cotton textile as a bronze dye.
*Manganese ore is also used as driers for oils, varnish and as a decolouriser in glass industry, carbon monoxide gas masks etc.


Important Manganese Ores of India




India Distribution of Manganese ore

* Karnataka
    Shimoga, Chitradurga, Chikmagalur, Tumkur, Karwar, Bellary, North Kanara, Bijapur and Dharwar Districts * Orissa
    Sundargarh, Keonjhar, Bolangir, Kalahandi & Koraput district *Maharashtra
    Bhandara, Nagpur & Ratnagiri districts * Madhya Pradesh
    Balaghat associated with metamorphosed Dharwar rocks, representing Gondite type of deposits